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Rick Stein’s SeaFood Restaurant

An extremely special and memorable restaurant we visited was located in Padstow, Cornwall.

The entire trip was focused on this particular meal as I am such a fan of the owner, tv chef Rick Stein who’s speciality is the wonderful delight of seafood.


The meal was nothing short of incredible, I chose a whole Dover soul, the Rolls Royce of the sea, it was filleted at the table for me, served with a simple parsley butter, padrone peppers and baby new potatoes. The fish was cooked to absolute perfection, it fell apart as it entered my mouth and can honestly say the best fish dish i have ever sampled. It took balls not to order the obvious Lobster or the magnificent Fruits de mer, fruits of the sea to you and me.

I would say to any fan of shellfish and seafood to make this a future must visit, a special occasion never to be forgotten. I was also told by my fiancee who’s a massive fan of fish and chips that it was the best cod and chips that had ever touched her lips, cooked the old fashioned way when people worked off their dinner with hard graft, cooked in beef dripping, the unbeatable.

Visit for an idea of pricing and menus etc. I insist you put this one on your foodie agendas.


Whole Dover Sole