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Paella Perfection

Paella Perfection

A long day of sightseeing travelling around the city of Barcelona and starvation kicks in.

The next restaurant when we come out of this side street is being attacked we decide. We came out and there was a long row of restaurants all looking very similar and generic al fresco style two or three people sitting outside each nothing stood out in particular so we chose the closest.

I attempted to make the waiter sell me the place he basically told me to wait and see. We ordered a couple of two person mixed paella and waited patiently for 45 minutes, my mind set on it being a letdown.

The paella arrived at the table and we tucked in and with a squeeze of lemon it was the most flavourful dish i have ever experienced on my numerous Spanish visits. An explosion of fresh flavours came bursting out positioned opposite the harbour the shellfish tasted as though it was caught at 3pm and served at 4. A very memorable time for me that keeps Barcelona fresh in my memory to this very day.

Unfortunately i didn’t take the time to recognise the name of the eatery but if i were ever in Barcelona again which one day i pray i will make it back, it’s the first place I’m headed.


Paella itself elf is a great easy dish for feeding groups and entertaining. Anyone can throw together some rice stock meat shellfish but i think the key to an incredible paella is all in the fish stock. Great care should go into the stock using various shellfish shells, fish heads and generally the things that get thrown away as it’s where all the beautiful flavours hide away waiting to be uncovered. Don’t forget your fresh well sourced produce and you’ve given yourself a head start to a brilliant dish in the flavour department.