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Forty Dean Street

Spending the weekend in London not knowing where to eat is a pain, a thousand interesting looking eateries and two days to eat at as many as possible.

The first night in Soho it was late for food, me and my fiancĂ©e debated going out for food but as I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity we moved on it. We scouted Soho for a casual joint we had heard of called “Burger Lobster”. Lobsters, burgers and chips but fairly good reputation and reasonable prices. We found the place and the line was out the door around the corner all the way to gatwick, it was ridiculous we weren’t waiting outside so we slowly walked away and only a couple doors down noticed a quaint little restaurant looking lively by the name of “Forty Dean Street”.

The name instantly rang a bell in my head, I’d read about it and recalled nothing but good unpretentious criticism. No more searching no more waiting our appetites couldn’t cope, we had found restaurant number one.

We were seated immediately and the place was very very cool playing funky jazz music serving authentic italian dishes, the menus were obviously changed everyday as they were hand written on pieces of paper at the table. The place was brilliant an absolute diamond in the dirt.

Perfect Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham starters soft pale fresh veal on a bed of the best garlic mash i could ever imagine and salmon and squid ink tagliatelle mains this truly was a great meal. I beg anyone staying in the soho area give this a go, find dean street then number forty. Thank me later.




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